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Image by Aarón Blanco Tejedor

PO Box 704
Agoura Hills, CA 91376

Mobile: 818-674-2502
Office: 818-879-7777
FAX: 877-351-2003

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16858 Clark St., Encino, CA 91436

The office is a pink adobe house on the SE corner of Balboa and Clark. Come up the walkway into the house. The waiting room is the door directly in front of you when you walk inside. The call box is on the small table to the left. Press #3 and a light will come on in my office. You will only hear a "click". I will meet you in the waiting room at your scheduled time.

There is usually plenty of street parking available. There is also parking across the street in the pharmacy paid lot. Parking in the lot is free on Saturdays.

Unfortunately, there is no accessible restroom until I come to the waiting room to meet you. They are all located inside of the house. There is a restroom across the street at the pharmacy if needed.

West Los Angeles

11850 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 200A,

Los Angeles, CA 90025

Street parking is available on Westgate and Wilshire. There is no available parking in the lot behind the building. Located on the 2nd floor, the office is not handicap accessible due to the lack of an elevator. There is an outdoor stairway that must be taken to access the office.

When you arrive, please switch the call light switch on the wall. I will meet you in the waiting room at your scheduled time. There is a key to the restroom hanging on the wall in the waiting room. The restroom is down the hall from the office.

Agoura Hills

28720 Roadside Drive, Suite 176, Agoura Hills CA 91301

Parking is available in the lot.  The office is located on the first floor towards the end of the building.  Please switch on the call light on the wall when you arrive. The restroom is located in the hallway.

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