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Our Life is what our thoughts make it.

M. Aurilius

Everything that we think, feel, say and do ultimately impacts others. We believe that we live alone inside of ourselves, but the energy of our being is far reaching.

Each one of us has a responsibility to work on ourselves and in so doing will also be helping others.

Services I Offer
Therapeutic Approach
Image by Kari Shea
Image by Zhen Hu
Therapeutic Approach

I believe that healing happens only by attending to the whole person, mind, body and emotions. My unique approach utilizes the most current literature on the assessment and treatment of psychological concerns.

Bereavement, Grief and Loss

It’s important to recognize that grief and loss are all around us.  If you take time to pay attention and do your grief work, the loss will always be a part of your life but it won’t run your life.


Individual and Group Psychotherapy

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